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Introduction of Nanyang Explosion Protected Electrical Apparatus Research Institute (CNEx)

CNEx is a professional research institute in the field of Ex safety technique and the base of scientific research and verification of Ex electrical apparatus in China. CNEx is in possession of an amount of excellent procession consisting of Ex safety specialists and the first class facilities for scientific research and testing. The business covers:
”ń Research on electric Ex safety technique;
”ń Development and test of Ex electrical products;
”ń Preparation and revision of the standards of Ex electrical apparatus;
”ń Research on Ex technique and information;
”ń Work of China Industrial Production License Ex Product Office (CIPLEx);
”ń Work of Secretariat of National Technical Committee 9 on Explosion Protected Electrical Apparatus of Standardization Administration of China (SAC/TC9) and China Office of IEC/TC31;
”ń Work of Secretariat of Explosion-proof Motor Subcommittee (ExMS) of China Electric Equipment Industry Association (CEEIA);
”ń Work of Engineering Equipment Consultation & Supervision Centre in Hazard Locations (EECSC); and
”ń Compilation and publication of Ex magazine which is uniquely approved public issue at home and abroad.
CQST is appointed the following duties:
”ń China national product quality supervision and test centre authorized by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of PR China (AQSIQ)£»
”ńTesting Lab for Ex Electrical Products ?approved China National Accreditation Board for Laboratories (CNAL)£»
”ń The testing laboratory of Ex electrical products for import and export recognized by China Laboratory Accreditation Committee for Import & Export Commodity Inspection (CCIBLC)£»
”ń The testing body of energy-saving motor authorized by China Energy-saving Accreditation Centre (CEAC)£»
”ń The testing laboratory of country-level scientific-technical achievement appointed by State Science and Technology Ministry (SSTM)£»
”ń The testing certification body of safety production authorized byState Administration of Coal Mine Safety (SACMS)£»and
”ń Henan key laboratory of electric explosion protection safety authorized by Henan province government.
”ń””Testing Lab for High-efficiency Motor by DOE£»

CQST has constructed a perfect quality assurance system and is possessed of world-class scientific research laboratories and a high-quality scientific research and test rank.””Insisting the working principle of "Justness, Preciseness, Science and High Efficiency", CQST carries out largely the following test according to China national standards and industry standards, as well as IEC,? EN, CSA and UL standards.
”ń all kinds of Ex electrical products for production licenser;
”ń Ex certificate of conformity;
”ń coal safe mark;
”ń energy-saving mark motors;
”ń CE mark,
”ń UL certificate;
”ń high-efficiency motor certificate of DOE,
”ń State quality supervision and inspection and quality arbitrating test of Ex safety products.

CIPLEx is in charge of investigating the production conditions and product technique to the enterprises applying for certificate.
SAC/TC9 takes charge of corresponding work of standard technique in Ex apparatus field in China, preparation and revision of the standards on Ex electrical apparatus£¬standard training, and routine work of IEC/TC3l China Office.

CQST has signed the cooperation agreements of mutual acceptance of test results separately with more than ten international wellknown Ex scientific research and test bodies, such as UL (U.S.A.), PTB (Germany), NEMKO (Norway), Testsafe (Australia), CCVE (Russia) and LCIE (France).These cooperation have promoted the international exchange of Ex technique and offered convenient services for sino-foreign Ex product entering into opposing side market.

For a number of years, CNEx has masterminded and finished a series of importance scientific researches in China Ex field. With the rich fruits of scientific research in Ex electric field, CNEx has obtained about a hundred scientific research achievements at the level of state, province, department, city. CNEx has made outstanding contribution for developing China Ex electric cause.